The Nordic Secret - A European story of beauty and freedom

Mon 5 March 2018

19:15 – 21:15 GMT


“If only everyone could be like the Scandinavians, this would all be easy.”"
– Barack Obama, on the Middle East.


The Nordic countries are consistently ranked among the happiest, most prosperous, and most peaceful countries in the world. They generally have low levels of inequality, healthy economies, relatively good protection of nature and high levels of social trust. Some even argue that the way the Nordic countries run their societies is the best we can ever do; that ‘the Nordic model’ has ‘won’ the battle of ideology. For instance Political Scientist Francis Fukuyama describes the world’s governance challenge as ‘getting to Denmark’.

But it was not always like this. The ways in which Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland went from feudal agricultural societies to industrialized democracies were exceptionally peaceful. In the process, they climbed from the bottom of the European economy around in the late nineteenth century to the very top as of the 1930s and have remained prosperous and progressive ever since. What is their secret?

The Nordic Secret, a new book by Lene Andersen and Tomas Björkman, explores how the Nordic countries invented a new kind of education that proactively developed everybody’s potential and changed their fate. We are delighted to welcome the authors to join Perspectiva on March 5th. We will be asking how we might learn from the Nordic Secret and perhaps re-establish a similar kind of emphasis on human development to adapt to modern challenges.

As with all previous Perspectiva events, some light audience participation will be encouraged throughout the event.


*Unfortunately there is currently no wheelchair access to the venue*

Lene Andersen & Tomas Björkman

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