Wise Activism

An introduction to working with shadow dynamics as we work for positive change

However good our intentions, the dynamics of our society’s culture will show up in our activism. As we try to prevent the planet from burning out, we may burn out ourselves. As we try to bring peace, we may find ourselves in challenging conflicts. As we try to seek more justice, we can get caught in our own dynamics of power and oppression.

This experiential workshop will explore the connection between our inner worlds and what we are trying to change ‘out there’ in the world, and asks:

  • What does a healthy culture of activism feel like?

  • How can we work with the hidden dynamics that can sabotage our intentions?

We will share concepts, enquire together, and use embodied methods to discover what healthy culture means beyond the theory. Come prepared to experiment and explore beyond your own comfort zone!

Date: Dec 2nd 2019

Venue: Oxford House, Bethnal Green

Cost: We are offering a sliding scale of payment for this event. We recognise that we are all living different lives and so offer a lower ticket price for those who are unemployed/on a low wage, a middle price for those who are comfortable and a higher price for those who are financially abundant and might wish to support these events being open to those who are not.

£10 unemployed/student - Low Income
£40 Employed - Middle Income
£80 Employed and wish to support others attending - High Income

Book your tickets here.


Sophy Banks was a founding member of the Transition movement. She has a clear vision of how organisations for positive change often mirror the problems they are trying to solve, and has brought this insight to shifting the culture in many places she has worked. Once a radical footballer, therapist, family constellator and engineer, she has a wide perspective on how our inner and outer worlds relate, and how the same patterns of health and dysfunction arise across our personal, social and global systems. Sophy has been teaching and facilitating for over 30 years.

Anthea Lawson is an activist who is thinking about how we do activism. She trained as a journalist and then spent fifteen years as a campaigner for NGOs, doing investigations into the arms trade and tax havens. She is now exploring the inner life of activism in a research inquiry for Perspectiva, looking at the ways in which activists are entangled in what they are trying to change.

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