Within, Between and Beyond
Implicit, relational and imaginative approaches to
building a better world.

"Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced."

- John Keats.


Some of Perspectiva's work is unashamedly abstract. Abstraction is called for when concrete problems are multiplying, and is a necessary part of getting things in perspective. But the 'story of stories' we seek won't arise from reason alone but also from imaginative and embodied intimations of who we are and who we could be. The challenge is to get beyond rationality rather than just ducking beneath it. We are looking for the experience of insight; moments that are credible in their depth and inclusivity but also compelling in their beauty - that emergent property of truth and goodness.


This is a huge cultural challenge and we have to start somewhere. Perspectiva will begin with a new kind of public events programme.  Our Creative Director Pippa Evans  will be responsible for the overseeing this project, looking into experimental approaches which loosely echo our ‘systems, souls and society’ framework by bringing together external, internal and shared world perspectives.

“The more abstract the truth you want to teach the more you must seduce the senses to do it”

-      Nietzsche, Maxim 128, Beyond Good and Evil.

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