Perspectiva is currently developing a pilgrimage programme, to enable those interested in our work to discover a felt sense of systems, souls and society at work.

The pilgrimages are a chance to experience London in an entirely different way: to feel the operation of its soul, its systems and the peoples that make up its society - past, present and even future. It works because there are embodied ways of knowing that, until you experience it, you might never guess existed. It's about exploring and knowing the world around us in an entirely different and highly effecting way. It's an epistemic adventure.

Whilst akin to psycho-geography, the pilgrimages allow us to intentionally keep a space open to attend to the spiritual aspects of life in relation to the modern world. The experience can be quietly transformative. It not only offers a felt sense of Perspectiva’s aims and goals but is akin to an initiation: this way of engaging with life can be yours to use in all manner of contexts. 

Developed and led by Pippa Evans and Dr Mark Vernon, we hope to open these pilgrimages to the general public from February 2020.

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