To inspire our political, academic and business leaders to examine real world problems with a deeper appreciation of the influence of our inner worlds. 

The world is awash with mission statements, five year plans, theories of change, stories of ‘impact’, strategies for transformation, and calls for ‘system change’. Perennial questions of what we should do, and how we should do it, persist and endure. Being human means having to confront them repeatedly.

However, our repeated failure to live purposively stands in stark contrast to the ubiquity of purpose statements. We are sceptical about most theories of change and our goal is not to immediately shape 'policy' by speaking on national news, impressing Government Ministers and shaping legislation.

In the early stages we will build intellectual foundations and weave a network of interested parties, with innovative methodologies, practices and forms of engagement co-arising.

Our contribution will therefore be experiment with forms of inquiry, evidence, association, dissemination and efficacy that illuminate the importance of aspects of knowledge (epistemology) and reality (ontology) that are often ignored, neglected or distorted.

Perspectiva was created because we believe efforts to change the system will continue to underachieve unless they are grounded in a deeper understanding of the immunities to change built into the paradigm. We need to work at a more subtle level to shape its evolution.

Some work on problems within particular policies
- Solve the problem!


 Some work on policies within particular systems  
- Amend the policy!


 Some work on systems within particular paradigms  
- Change the system!

Perspectiva works on transforming the paradigm
- Deepen the process of system change.

"In my view, a political vision is not a grab-bag of discrete problems and solutions. It is the visionary anticipation of a direction." 

- Roberto Unger



Our commitment is to ensure that metaphor, meaning, narrative, intuition and emotion can sit alongside data and reason in the public domain, without any sense of displacement or shame.

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