We often hear that we should 'be the change we want to see in the world' and that ‘the personal is political’. But what do such ideas really mean, and what follows for what we should, you know, do?


Perspectiva's first public event, produced in association with 42 ACRES, invites the audience to experience these familiar but intangible notions first hand.

Jonathan Rowson, author of Spiritualise: cultivating spiritual sensibility to address 21st century challenges will outline three ongoing challenges we share in learning how to confront the major issues of our time.


Waking up is spiritual and political - about recognising that we are habitual creatures, often sleepwalking through life, vulnerable to distraction and persuasion, and that makes it hard for us all to “want what we want to want.”


Growing up is a social and psychological process that begins early and never

really ends. Being an adult is not just a legal category but a maturational commitment to take responsibility for our lives and the lives of others in their fullest possible context.


Wising up is about getting beyond action-panic mode, and learning to shape culture and design institutions with ecological sanity, technological insight and spiritual sensibility so that they nurture the kind of world we want to live in.

But talking only gets you so far. Following Jonathan’s introduction to these ideas, the audience will be led by performer Pippa Evans (The Now Show, Sunday Assembly) into an experiential process where we try to glimpse these forms of personal and political change from a range of creative perspectives.


The first series of Perspectiva events will last 100 minutes each from 7.15-9.10 at 42 ACRES, Shoreditch. We can host 50 people and hope everybody leaves having learned something new, experienced something different and shared something they didn’t expect to. Audience participation in the second part is gently encouraged.


*Unfortunately there is currently no disabled access to the venue.*

Event One

Waking Up, Growing Up & Wising Up: The Hidden Curriculum of the 21st Century
Short sequence of event and exercises
Full speech by Jonathan Rowson

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